From the Park Lane Post AW15

Three percent makes a big difference

The oxford shirt is an essential garment in the Park Lane world. With an eye for improvement, we’ve taken that stylish comfort associated with the oxford to an extraordinary level. By adding 3% stretch to the fabric, we’ve created the ultimate contemporary take on the iconic oxford, combining attributes for versatility and classical clean lines with superb comfort and longevity.
   The small amount of added stretch greatly enhances freedom of movement, while simultaneously creating a garment that lasts longer and holds its shape better.

Originally made in 19th century Scottish fabric mills, the oxford shirt has a long tradition.
    Particularly prized as an excellent shirt for polo players in England, the oxford was soon associated with success, sophistication and sportsmanship.

Later, 1950s Ivy League students adopted the oxford – esteemed for its rich heritage, clean lines and sporting background. The “preppy” connotations have stayed with the oxford ever since.

The oxford is incredibly versatile: it’s suitable for various occasions, and comes in an array of seasonal colours. Conveying a sense of ease and confidence, it can be dressed up with a blazer or sweater to add a touch of casual elegance.

Enterprising female students were quick to “borrow” their boyfriends’ cherished shirts, and the oxford soon became a unisex garment. Of course today, the women’s oxford has a more feminine fit.