If you get tired of jeans, go for chinos. Pair them with jacket and shirt for a cool office look or a knit for a more casual look.

Originally, chinos were first spotted in India as part of the attire for the British troops. The first documented use was in 1848, when the khaki-coloured cotton twill pants were worn as a part of the active and summer dress uniform for the regimental forces serving in India.

Originals have many names – some call them khakis and some call them chinos. Khakis can only be khaki-colored cotton twill pants. Chinos are a bit dressier than Khakis, and come in multiple colors: Navy, blue, stone, sand, and red.

Chinos emerged as a trend, when students wore them to class with a school sweater, while their fathers were pairing chinos with a blue club blazer at their country club or even to the office. The trend continued, and today chinos and khakis are true classics in the American English lifestyle.