Named after their birthplace of China, the chino pant is a more elegant version of the khaki, usually with fewer (or no) pockets and less resilience to the elements. Pleated or flat-front chinos are usually more tapered which makes them ideal for both casual and casual-dress wear.

While we never recommend wearing ‘skinny pants,’ chinos do offer a far more streamlined look and do come available in a more ‘skinny’ or tailored appearance if that’s the effect that the customer wishes to achieve.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find RTW high-waisted yet slim tapered chinos today, even though that is the traditional look from the 1950’s and 1960’s. As such, the only option you have it to go custom.

Chinos are usually lightly woven in comparison to khaki pants and therefore offer the wearer better protection in the heat. They tend to be dressier and can be paired with a traditional navy blazer and tie or just an Oxford cloth button down shirt as well as polo shirts.

Today, chinos are available in many colors, from neutral classics to bright and bold Go-To-Hell style pants. Despite offering dressier styles, these are still a very casual pant and should only be worn in appropriate environments. In other words, don’t wear them to the boardroom. However, paired with the proper jacket, shirt, and tie, they are quite appropriate for dressier outdoor or daytime events. Like khaki pants, they are often treated to be wrinkle resistant. However, they are not nearly as resilient and therefore shouldn’t be worn for laborious activities.