Park Lane holds a genuine love for fashion, American East Coast tradition and New England university charm.

Combining these ingredients with a Swedish eye for quality, practicality, and modern design grants a unique and timeless approach to fashion: American English.

In 2000, we presented the first Park Lane collection and it was an instant success. All Park Lane design is born from our idea of offering top-quality, fashionable clothing with a casual and sophisticated look.

Created through a merger of fashion know-how,  expertise within fashion and sportswear, inspiration from New England tradition and the timeless beauty of the Ivy League universities. We have created the world of Park Lane – a modern take on New England style with British roots.

We embrace the challenge of creating beautiful, easy-to-wear yet elegant clothing. We know that our customers want the best quality, originality and practicality included in their everyday fashion clothing. At Park Lane, we love our products and care intensely about every little detail that goes into making each garment unique and memorable.

At Park Lane, we promise to continue making innovative and casually sophisticated clothing for a modern lifestyle. We will continue to put our heart and soul into every new collection, using creative new styles and materials.