Few things represent the preppie wardrobe more than a cable knit sweater.  Be it in cotton, fine wool or cashmere, a cable crew-neck exemplifies a classic garment that has a heritage and that is simple but with just the right amount of detail to stop it being ordinary.

The cable technique itself comes from fishermen’s sweaters (where it represents a fisherman’s rope and the hope for a good catch) but was soon adopted by civilian knitwear lovers – especially those into golf and tennis.  It’s also one of the few garments which men find easy to wear in colour – somehow the cables render even pale pink or yellow masculine! 

The classic way to wear one of course is over a shirt (probably an Oxford) and with chinos for a weekend-in-the-Hamptons vibe but if the knit is fine it looks great worn next to the skin and close to the body under a blazer or even a suit.  Or you can go very Cary Grant and add a small scarf at the neck.  For a more casual look, wear over a tartan shirt and let the shirt hem poke out of the bottom: it might get you banned from the golf club house but it rocks!