American English is not just a look, it is an amazing lifestyle originating from Ivy League universities of the 1950s.

The distinct preppy fashion has its origins in the American Ivy League universities and has existed since the 10920es, but really began to flourish in the 1950es, when male university students from wealthy families founded a casual new way for collegians to dress.

It is a merger between athletic clothes from sports such as rowing, rugby, tennis and cricket and genteel classics such as blazers, shirts and leather shoes. It is spiced up with ties, pins, blazer badges and other signature accessories to signify membership of a prestigious club or sport.

This new attire was accessorized with the most important detailing: An air of ultimate nonchalance…

PREPPY FASHION RULE NO. 1: “We wear sportswear. This makes it easier to go from sporting events to social events.”

We call it preppy. We call it the Ivy League look. We call it American English.

“This distinct fashion – or anti-fashion – look that is a true American phenomenon, a fashion whose imagery perpetually connects us to idyllic college days, sport, and the spirit and vitality of youth,” say the fashion experts about this fashion, which has stayed true and undying classic through generations.