Every season, we love the cable knit sweater as a true classic – learn all about its fascinating and true story.
Park Lane always has Cable Knits in our seasonal collections – whether in cotton, wool or cashmere and in all it’s shapes with round neck, V-neck, full-zip, half-zip, and as buttoned cardigan.
The Cable Knit is rooted in Celtic and Saxon braiding techniques and knitting traditions.

Whether the knit has a single spiraling cable or a fascinatingly complex braid of six ropes, we enjoy its air of casual sophistication, granted by its monochromatic style, pureness and texture.

The sweater is a British countryside classic, since the 20es frequently associated with gentlemanly sports like golf and cricket. From then, the cable knit took its place as a casual American-English classic, equally suited for urban life and seaside relaxation.