As Tweed is inherently a cool weather fabric it goes well with Fall, cold-weather and crisp winter days…Through time numerous iconic men have made the tweed blazer their favorite. See them here and get inspired…

It is commonly thought that tweed emerged in Scotland and Ireland as a way to battle the chilly, damp climate that characterizes those parts. Tweed began as a hand-woven fabric. The cloth was rough, thick, and felted and the colors were muted and earthy.
A popular legend has it that the name tweed is a twist on the Scottish word for “tweel” or twill in our parlance, which is the signature weave of the fabric. It is said that in 1826, a London clerk accidentally transcribed an order to “tweel” and wrote “tweed” instead, and from there the name came into use.
Whatever the origin, tweed is a rugged fabric, resistant to wind and water with excellent insulating properties and great looks.